Shaping the Future with Decentralized


Platform Development

Blockchain Architecture
Strategic Planning

Competitor Analysis
Technology Audit

Smart Contracts

Simple to Complex Applications

[Digital Value Exchange to Distrubuted Automous Society]


Authentic Protocol Development

Create original technology that provides new benefits to the blockchain project ecosystem.

Network Economics

Stakeholder Incentivization Dynamics

[Better individual work = better network performance = more platform attention = increased token value]

ICO Evaluation

Token classifcation determines the specific valuation proposition and different valuation methods used

Hard Fork analytics

A split in consensus or a change in underlying rules of the protocol. Examination of Planned hard forks/ contentious hard forks/ spin-off coins. Evaluation of new projects created from original code bases

Consensus algorithm Optimization

Technology Stack Development

[Application layer/ sidechains < blockchain layer < internet layer]

Blockchain Development & Analysis

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Tallinn, Estonia

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